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In February , soccer player Asmahan Mansour, part of the team Nepean U12 Hotspurs, was expelled from a Quebec tournament for wearing her headscarf. Their website features multibuys and a sales section too. Despite these strengths, the Nazi Party might never have come to power had it not been for the Great Depression and its effects on Germany. Quebec soccer referees also ejected an year-old Ottawa girl while she was watching a match, which generated a public controversy.

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He accused them of having conspired to stage a coup d'état , but it is believed that this was only a pretence to justify the suppression of any intraparty opposition. The purge was executed by the SS, assisted by the Gestapo and Reichswehr units. Aside from Strasserist Nazis, they also murdered anti-Nazi conservative figures like former chancellor Kurt von Schleicher. After the death of President Hindenburg on 2 August , Hitler merged the offices of party leader, head of state and chief of government in one, taking the title of Führer und Reichskanzler.

The Chancellery of the Führer , officially an organisation of the Nazi Party, took over the functions of the Office of the President a government agency , blurring the distinction between structures of party and state even further. The SS increasingly exerted police functions, a development which was formally documented by the merger of the offices of Reichsführer-SS and Chief of the German Police on 17 June , as the position was held by Heinrich Himmler who derived his authority directly from Hitler.

Officially, the Third Reich lasted only 12 years. The war in Europe had come to an end. Between and , the Nazi Party led regime, assisted by collaborationist governments and recruits from occupied countries, was responsible for the deaths of at least eleven million people, [90] [91] including 5. The National Socialist Programme was a formulation of the policies of the party. It contained 25 points and is therefore also known as the "point plan" or "point programme".

It was the official party programme, with minor changes, from its proclamation as such by Hitler in , when the party was still the German Workers' Party, until its dissolution. At the top of the Nazi Party was the party chairman " Der Führer " , who held absolute power and full command over the party.

All other party offices were subordinate to his position and had to depend on his instructions. In , Hitler founded a separate body for the chairman, Chancellery of the Führer , with its own sub-units. Directly subjected to the Führer were the Reichsleiter "Reich Leader s "—the singular and plural forms are identical in German , whose number was gradually increased to eighteen. They held power and influence comparable to the Reich Ministers' in Hitler's Cabinet.

Unlike a Gauleiter , a Reichsleiter did not have individual geographic areas under their command, but were responsible for specific spheres of interest. The Nazi Party had a number of party offices dealing with various political and other matters. In addition to the Nazi Party proper, several paramilitary groups existed which "supported" Nazi aims. All members of these paramilitary organizations were required to become regular Nazi Party members first and could then enlist in the group of their choice.

Foreign volunteers of the Waffen-SS were also not required to be members of the Nazi Party, although many joined local nationalist groups from their own countries with the same aims. Police officers, including members of the Gestapo , frequently held SS rank for administrative reasons known as "rank parity" and were likewise not required to be members of the Nazi Party. A vast system of Nazi Party paramilitary ranks developed for each of the various paramilitary groups.

The Hitler Youth was a paramilitary group divided into an adult leadership corps and a general membership open to boys aged fourteen to eighteen. The League of German Girls was the equivalent group for girls.

Certain nominally independent organizations had their own legal representation and own property, but were supported by the Nazi Party. Many of these associated organizations were labour unions of various professions. Some were older organizations that were nazified according to the Gleichschaltung policy after the takeover. For the purpose of centralization in the Gleichschaltung process a rigidly hierarchal structure was established in the Nazi Party, which it later carried through in the whole of Germany in order to consolidate total power under the person of Hitler Führerstaat.

It was regionally sub-divided into a number of Gaue singular: Gau headed by a Gauleiter , who received their orders directly from Hitler. The name originally a term for sub-regions of the Holy Roman Empire headed by a Gaugraf for these new provincial structures was deliberately chosen because of its mediaeval connotations.

The term is approximately equivalent to the English shire. While the Nazis maintained the nominal existence of state and regional governments in Germany itself, this policy was not extended to territories acquired after Even in German-speaking areas such as Austria, state and regional governments were formally disbanded as opposed to just being dis-empowered. After the Anschluss a new type of administrative unit was introduced called a Reichsgau.

In these territories the Gauleiters also held the position of Reichsstatthalter , thereby formally combining the spheres of both party and state offices. The establishment of this type of district was subsequently carried out for any further territorial annexations of Germany both before and during World War II. Even the former territories of Prussia were never formally re-integrated into what was then Germany's largest state after being re-taken in the Polish campaign.

The Gaue and Reichsgaue state or province were further sub-divided into Kreise counties headed by a Kreisleiter , which were in turn sub-divided into Zellen cells and Blocken blocks , headed by a Zellenleiter and Blockleiter respectively. A reorganization of the Gaue was enacted on 1 October The given numbers were the official ordering numbers. The statistics are from , for which the Gau organization of that moment in time forms the basis.

The table below uses the organizational structure that existed before its dissolution in More information on the older Gaue is in the second table. Simple re-namings of existing Gaue without territorial changes is marked with the initials RN in the column "later became". The numbering is not based on any official former ranking, but merely listed alphabetically.

The irregular Swiss branch of the Nazi Party also established a number of Party Gaue in that country, most of them named after their regional capitals. Gallen , Thurgau and Appenzell. The general membership of the Nazi Party mainly consisted of the urban and rural lower middle classes. In early , just before Hitler's appointment to the chancellorship, the party showed an under-representation of "workers", who made up Conversely, white-collar employees In , the number had risen to 11,, reflecting the party's growth in this period.

When it came to power in , the Nazi Party had over 2 million members. In , the membership total rose to 5. Early regulations required that all Wehrmacht members be non-political and any Nazi member joining in the s was required to resign from the Nazi Party. The National Socialist Women's League was the women's organization of the party and by it had approximately 2 million members.

The organization was limited only to so-called " Imperial Germans "; and "Ethnic Germans" Volksdeutsche , who did not hold German citizenship were not permitted to join.

Deutsche Gemeinschaft was a branch of the Nazi Party founded in , created for Germans with Volksdeutsche status. Parteiflagge "party flag" , used — and also used as the national flag between and , interchangeably with the black-white-red horizontal tricolour. Flag with the off-centre swastika and disc, which was used as the national flag of Germany after , though never used to represent the party. Reichsadler design, representing Germany in general as the national insignia Hoheitszeichen.

A list-defined reference named "macmillan8" is not used in the content see the help page. A list-defined reference named "uniformen" is not used in the content see the help page. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the German Nazi Party that existed from to For the ideology, see Nazism. For other Nazi Parties, see Nazi Party disambiguation. Fewer than 60 8. Politics of Germany Political parties Elections. Nazism outside of Germany.

Adolf Hitler's rise to power. For the culmination of the rise, see Nazi seizure of power. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. February Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Administrative divisions of Nazi Germany and List of Gauleiters. List of Nazi Party members. Ranks and insignia of the Nazi Party.

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